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Go to a Meeting

Learn about Medicare in the company of others

Informational Meetings: An Enjoyable, In-Person Learning Experience

If you like to get your information live and in-person, attend a UCare for Seniors (and/or Medicare Basics) meeting in your area. Enjoy refreshments, ask questions and chat with others interested in Medicare, all in a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere.

UCare for Seniors Meetings Medicare Basics Meetings

Topics include:

  • UCare for Seniors Medicare Advantage plan options and what they cover
  • Plan benefits explained
  • Key considerations for making a decision
  • Q & A

See UCare for Seniors meeting schedule

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Medicare Basics meetings provide an overview of Medicare.

Topics include:

  • Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and what they cover
  • Difference between Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage
  • Key considerations for making a decision
  • Q & A

See Medicare Basics meeting schedule

See Schedule